Photo Editing Services By Laiana McGee


I am a Professional photographer and artist offering my editing services to a select number of photographers. I have a Bachelors in Art with a concentration on Photography and have been working in the photography industry for over 7 years. I have extensive experience with Lightroom as well as Photoshop and would love to dedicate some of my time to edit your beautiful images! 

As a photographer, I know how hard it can be to trust someone else with your images, which is why I offer a personalized experience for each photographer I work with. I take on a limited number of editing jobs and work closely with photographers to ensure a quick turnaround time and perfect images. 

Before beginning a job, we will discuss your style and you may send me any presets you use so that I can match your particular style. I will be available via phone and email if you have any questions before, during, or after the editing process. I want my clients to be happy and be able to do what they love most without having to stress about editing time! 

Below is my basic pricing, I offer special discounted pricing for large jobs such as weddings and any events over 100 images. I am open to discussing a monthly price for photographers that need consistent editing work done.

Reach out at [email protected] with any questions! 

Check out my work at:

**Minimum $35 per job**

Budget Edits: .35/image 

Basic Lightroom edits:

- Color correction

- Exposure

- Preset application


Basic Edits: .50/image 


(special bulk pricing available for larger jobs)

Basic Lightroom edits:

-Color correction

- Cropping

- Exposure

- Preset application and adjustment

- Lens corrections

- Sharpening

- Noise reduction


Extensive Lightroom edits: $1.00/image


Includes basic edits plus Lightroom Masking:

-Skin smoothing

- Small object/Blemish removal

- Subject selection and edits

- Sky/Background edits

- Red eye removal

- Transform tool


Photoshop work: Starting at $10/image


Photoshop work is priced per job, price will depend on how extensive the edits will be.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] with your image and what you need done to it and I will send you a quote.


Most frequent edits include:


- Portrait edits (skin smoothing, hair smoothing/removal, body alterations)

- Subject/object addition or removal

- Liquify/Alter Subjects

- Color changes

- Combining images

- Adding text/Designing marketing materials

- Custom illustrations on images.


Some Examples of past work:

** low res versions - ask for full resolution images if interested **